Facilities & Support 

Our facilities and support staff are integral in keeping everything moving efficiently and effectively.

Food Services 

Serve not only our patients, but also our employees and even members of the community. All food services positions are employed through HHS. If you are interested in becoming part of this team contact Carol Holman at 906.449.3212.

Environmental Service Technicians (Housekeeping) 

​Our EVS staff ensure our hospital remains a clean and sanitary environment while we provide care to our patients. Environmental Service Technicians (Housekeeping) are employed through HHS. If you are interested in joining this team, contact Heather Everett at 906.449.3203.

Plant Operations (Maintenance)

Our Plant Operations team keeps everything safe and functional for both staff and patients.

Supply Chain Management (Warehouse Staff)

The hospital recieves supplies and mail for each and every department. It's an important job to recieve, sort and distribute everything in an organized manner.

Featured Employee Stories

Kristana Adams
Retail Manager, Food & Nutrition Services

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