Top 10 Perks of Living in Marquette

10. No traffic, short commutes

Just you and the open road. No backed up freeways, expensive parking, or late-arrivals from unexpected traffic. 

9. Clean Air

Our city has won awards for its sustainable forestry practices. Marquette residents care about their environment. And you can tell the difference. 

8. Stars

Look up and see the stars from your back porch. Keep an eye out for northern lights, and plan an evening to watch a meteor shower. Clear, starry skies can be found across the Upper Peninsula with little to no light pollution. You can even find one of the world's only International Dark Sky Parks just south of the Mackinac Bridge at the "Headlands." 

7. Festivals

Across the UP, there are more than 150 annual festivals. Some of our favorites are the Hiawatha Music Festival, Marquette Area Blues Fest, Strawberry Festival, and the U.P. Fall Beer Festival. Our annual "Art on the Rocks" brings artists from all over the country, and for the theatrically inclined, there's the Upper Peninsula Shakespeare Festival. Fireworks, fun, friends, family, food... 

6. Friendly people & low crime 

Marquette enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the country. We offer a safe, welcoming place for you and your family. City parks, great schools, and friendly neighbors are all around. 

5. Surrounded by nature

Creeks, river, streams, lakes, hills, Michigan's highest mountain, national forests, waterfalls: the Upper Peninsula has it all. And it's all right in your backyard. 

4. Food  

We care about food in Marquette. You can find locally grown produce and locally raised meat from Upper Peninsula farms at the weekly Marquette Farmer's Market. Our city also boasts a new food co-op, local breweries, and dozens of restaurants and eateries. 

3. Technology and Entrepreneurship 

Marquette's small-business economy is thriving! Northern Michigan University's Northern Initiatives program has provided more than $45 million in loans to small businesses in the Upper Peninsula. President Barack Obama even visited Marquette in 2011 after learning about the installation of NMU's city-wide Wi-Max Internet service. 

2. Affordable, Beautiful Homes

The Upper Peninsula offers a low cost of living and beautiful homes for affordable prices. Whether you've always wanted those 40 acres in the country or a condo by the lake with all the amenities, we're sure you'll find a perfect place for you and your family. (Visit our housing page for more information.)

1. Peace and Quiet  

No honking horns at night. Just cricket sounds and stillness. What more is there to say?